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Swarovski introduces new focus areas in sustainability report

By Simone Preuss

15 Oct 2021



Austrian crystal manufacturer Swarovski has announced a detailed sustainability strategy that places people and planet at its heart. After a year of transformation, the brand positions itself around the motto “ignite your dreams” and encourages “a sense of freewheeling curiosity, exploration, and, ultimately, discovery of self “ – values that it prides itself on since 1895.

Central to this is the Wonderlab brand world, which pursues new impact levels through the lens of sustainability. The broad scope focus areas announced in April 2021 are now taking shape with the release of Swarovski’s first annual sustainability report. It summarises the efforts made in 2019 and 2020 and looks at future focus areas and concrete targets the company is aiming to achieve across its value chain.

“We believe that we can more efficiently and holistically respond to these challenges by spreading accountability across our organisation. By ensuring that more people have a stake in the success of our objectives, sustainability becomes woven into the fabric of the whole business,” states Swarovski CEO Robert Buchbauer in the report.

The company’s efforts are centred around the six new key focus areas: “conscious materials”, “empowerment and education”, “waste and circular economy”, “equality, diversity, and inclusion”, “respect for our people”, and “greenhouse gas emissions”.

Swarovski Sustainability Report

Emissions and SBTs

By participating in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Swarovski commits to reducing its own direct and indirect emissions by 47 percent, and 28 percent of emissions lying outside of its own operations by 2030. Multiple internal assessments have resulted in an in-depth product lifecycle assessment and a concrete roadmap for innovation across the entire value chain – from the mining of raw materials to the disposal of product at the end of its life.

Sustainable products

Swarovski aims to launch at least one sustainable product collection per year, beginning in 2022, and source all metals from responsibly managed and recycled suppliers by 2030. In packaging, it is Swarovski’s ambition to transition to entirely certified or recycled sources and to ensure all packaging is completely recyclable or compostable by 2030.


Swarovski will ensure that 45 percent of leadership positions are filled by female leaders and, by implementing innovative recruitment practices – including the use of AI technology that uses neuroscience and gamification for recruitment in key retail markets – Swarovski aims for bias-free, high-volume recruitment by 2024. “It is vital to all those igniting dreams on behalf of Swarovski that their rights are protected, and a healthy work environment is guaranteed,” says the company.


By 2030, Swarovski plans to transform its own operations and become 90 percent landfill-free with at least 70 percent of waste being recycled or repurposed. In addition, the company is partnering with external experts to invest in sustainable innovations and aims to double its material efficiency by 2030.

Swarovski Sustainability Report

“Our refreshed sustainability strategy marks a new starting point, not the finish line. It’s our line in the sand, defining a major transformation in the way we tackle sustainability challenges,” sums up Buchbauer.