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Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ tour to provide nearly 1 billion pound boost to the UK economy

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Taylor Swift performs on stage at the Paris La Defense Arena as part of her The Eras Tour. Credits: Julien De Rosa/AFP

New data from Barclays reveals that Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated ‘Eras’ tour will provide a 997-million-pound boost to the UK economy, as Swifties are expected to fork out 848 pounds on average to see the singer at one of the 15 UK tour dates.

The Barclays ‘Swiftonomics’ report shows that fans attending the tour in the UK will spend the most money on accommodation (121 pounds), followed by travel (111 pounds), and merchandise for the big event (79 pounds).

While a fifth (18 percent) of Swifties plan on buying a new outfit, especially for the concert, spending on average 56 pounds.

Tom Corbett, head of group sponsorship for Barclays, said in a statement: “Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is the UK’s Wildest Dreams come true – capturing the nation’s attention and bringing a substantial boost to our experience economy, with retail, hospitality and leisure sectors all ready for it.

“Fans are increasingly going all-out on experiences that resonate on a personal level, turning every concert into a potential holiday, every ticket into a cherished memory, and every event into an opportunity to splash out on new outfits, food and merchandise. The UK’s Love Story with entertainment doesn’t just involve Taylor Swift, it’s all memorable experiences.”

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