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The adaptive apparel market is projected to grow

By Robyn Turk


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In a new report, Coresight Research took a look into the adaptive apparel market, which creates apparel to meet the needs of people with disabilities and chronic disease. Insights have shown that the market is rather underserved and could potentially reach 349.9 billion dollars globally within the next four years - growing to 288.7 billion dollars just this year.

Clothing in the adaptive apparel sector utilize technologies to address needs of those with health conditions. For example, Nike's recent self-lacing sneaker is equipped with technology to be laced via smartphone and can therefore serve the needs of those with mobility or pain issues.

Around 15.6 percent of the global population has a disability that could be addressed by adaptive apparel, according to the World Health Organization's figures.

As fashion brands become more aware of diversity concerns and size inclusivity, more attention is brought to other ways to expand inclusivity. Coresight noted in its report that schools are beginning to educate future designers in inclusive design, though they still don't have adequate information on the field.

"We expect this category to continue to grow as designers and retailers focus more on meeting the apparel needs of all communities by creating inclusive designs that incorporate both function and fashion," it wrote.

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