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The Fabricant to launch digital fashion storytelling project, Wholeland

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: The Fabricant, Wholeland

Digital-only fashion house The Fabricant is set to unveil a new project based around visual storytelling and Web3 experiences.

The idea for ‘Wholeland’ was revealed during a keynote address by Kerry Murphy, the platform’s co-founder and CEO, at global tech conference Web Summit.

During the speech, Murphy said the concept will revolve around rolling out various chapters of a digital fashion narrative, through non-fungible token (NFT) drops, online activations and collaborations with brands and digital artists.

The brand hopes that the initiative will encourage individuals to express themselves through digital fashion, via a concept that combines fashion, mythology and the rave scene.

A collection of wearable digital accessories will kick off the project, each of which will be dropped as NFTs that provide access to participate in the upcoming chapters of Wholeland.

“Wholeland puts digital craftsmanship front and centre and fully expresses The Fabricant’s Web3 punk aesthetic and attitude,” said Murphy, in a release.

He continued: “As a pioneering Web3 digital fashion house, we don’t feel the need to conform to the visual status quo or stay in a comfort zone with our storytelling.

“Digital fashion is a vibrant young industry that’s reimagining what fashion can be when it exists purely in virtual worlds. We should be provocative and push boundaries every single time we create.”

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