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The Lycra Company launches online customer portal

By Rachel Douglass



Image: The Lycra Company

Apparel solutions organisation The Lycra Company has launched an online portal aimed to encourage brands, retailers and garment makers to connect to a global network of mills.

Entitled Lyrca One Online Network Exchange, the platform was developed to efficiently connect retailers with mills and manufacturers in a virtual capacity, enabling users to source fibre solutions through a digital library and marketplace.

Features allow retailers to directly communicate with mills, to either begin or expand on business relationships.

A knowledge centre implemented into the portal provides users with exclusive access to webinars, white papers and informative videos on fibre technology, industry trends and sustainability. Additionally, marketing and merchandising solutions will be available, including brand assets and hang tags, for further supplements, and the ability to test and certify fabrics.

The content hopes to inspire users on the value of the company and its solutions to provide for customer needs.

“The Lycra Company has a rich legacy of innovation and we must embrace digital transformation,” said Julien Born, CEO of the organisation, in a statement. “The launch of the Lycra One portal leverages our connectivity across the apparel and personal care value chains and offers a one-stop seamless solution to rapidly move our customers’ ideas from concept to launch.”

Mills can now sign up to be featured on the platform’s marketplace, with the ability to showcase their collections and receive commercial support. Likewise, brands and garment makers can also register to source materials and access the platform’s marketing tools.

The Lycra Company