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UK wholesale seeing post-pandemic boom, according to Joor

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Joor

The UK wholesale market is back in action and, according to data from digital wholesale platform Joor, it is currently on the rise.

Covering a span of 365 days, figures by the platform show a significant one-year growth of 18 percent for the UK market.

Furthermore, the data found that orders are up by 13 percent over the year, with the average order value also increasing by four percent. Joor said that orders were almost evenly split between small to midsize brands and larger global brands.

Additionally, the platform noted that international orders accounted for 81 percent of orders, highlighting the importance of exports to the UK fashion industry. The global sector saw a 35 percent growth.

The total number of connections between UK brands and retailers was up 174 percent over the same period.

“The figures not only reveal a robust UK wholesale landscape, but also underline the continued adoption of digital wholesale to facilitate these connections and sales figures,” said Chris Akrimi, CRO at Joor, in a release.

Akrimi continued: “We look forward to continued growth for the UK wholesale market due to a return of international tourism, the consolidation of British brands that are selling internationally and the surge of the emerging ones in categories such as street and sportswear.”