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Uniqlo to donate 50,000 of its new Heattech products to charity

By Rachel Douglass

16 Nov 2021


Image: Uniqlo

Apparel retailer Uniqlo has launched its new line of Heattech products alongside an announcement that it will be donating over 50,000 pieces from the collection to charities throughout Europe.

The donation looks to support charities in their essential winter activities, partnering with 27 different organisations across the retailer’s nine European markets. Currently, Uniqlo Belgium has donated 3,000 pieces of Heattech to the Solidarité Grands Froids, Moeders voor Moeders and River Cleanup.

The brand’s new Heattech innerwear comes with fresh additions to the range, introducing new Heattech Cotton that utilises 100 percent cotton. Looks within this Extra Warm line are available as men’s, women’s and kid’s items, with the retailer stating these items will be 1.5 times warmer than that of its ordinary Heattech offering.

Image: Uniqlo

Overall, the Heattech selection is set to consist of a broad range of 95 items, from clothing to accessories. Fleece turtlenecks, high-performance pants and ultra-stretch leggings are among the line, alongside caps, scarves, gloves and socks.

Heattech bedding will also be available, including new pillow covers, blankets and quilted bed pads as an expansion of the retailer’s everyday items.

Many of the products have received essential updates, implemented as a response to customer needs and feedback. Dry functionality to quickly remove perspiration and quick-dry materials are among the updates, with Uniqlo asserting that warmth has not been compromised.