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UNTUCKit achieves 19 percent sales growth with NewStore's omni-channel platform

By Prachi Singh


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UNTUCKit store Credits: UNTUCKit

NewStore has extended its partnership with UNTUCKit after the brand achieved a 40x return on its initial investment driven by the platform’s omnichannel features. In the last year alone, that translated to a 19 percent uplift on UNTUCKit’s bottom line.

The company said in a statement that since going live in 2018, UNTUCKit has expanded its store footprint from 25 to more than 80 locations across the US, Canada, and the UK.

“When we re-evaluated the market, many vendors claimed to offer a lower total cost of ownership, but none were able to unlock growth in the same way as NewStore,” said Aaron Sanandres, co-founder and CEO, UNTUCKit.

The NewStore Unified Commerce Platform was purpose-built for brands like UNTUCKit because it can support complex use cases and large-scale operations without stitching multiple bespoke systems together. NewStore does this by providing an all-in-one enterprise solution instead of a plug-in marketplace, which is inefficient and unreliable at scale.

“NewStore has been an invaluable partner for us along the omnichannel journey. Its user-friendly design has reduced our training resources, and the productivity increases we’ve seen allow us to do more with less,” added Kaitlin Gottlieb, senior director of omnichannel, UNTUCKit.

The company added that UNTUCKit was the first customer to pilot the NewStore Clienteling solution. This collaboration has transformed the brand’s business, with clienteling transactions accounting for 11 percent of all store sales over the past four quarters and customers using this service are typically UNTUCKit’s most dedicated shoppers, leading to a 14.5 percent higher average order value (AOV) than standard store transactions.

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