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Vivienne Westwood joins Letters to the Earth project

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Letters to the Earth, Vivienne Westwood Credit: Tania Hoser

British designer Vivienne Westwood has joined the sustainability initiative Letters to the Earth, set to release her own letter through the organisation in the lead up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

“So on a global scale, economy means sustainability,” stated Westwood, in a sneak peek video of the designer reading her letter. She joins a number of notable figures taking part in the campaign, hoping to act as a “global call for ambitious climate action from world leaders”.

The initiative, developed in collaboration with Culture Declares Emergency, encourages the public to send in letters regarding climate change. Since its launch, the organisation has stated it has received thousands of submissions, some by the likes of notable public figures such as Yoko Ono.

This current move, formed to build up to the COP26, hopes to have the same impact, with presentations hosted at Shakespeare’s Globe, each being released throughout the week ahead of the climate conference.

“The word economy means household management,” said the Westwood, in a statement on the organisation’s website. “Earth is our home, so on a global scale economy means sustainability. We don’t have that. We have no future. We have a financial system based on perpetual trade war and competition. True economy is based on the value of land. Land belongs to no one.”

Image: Vivienne Westwood, Save Our Souls

For her spring/summer 2022 collection, the designer took the opportunity to make her position in the matter of sustainability completely evident.

Entitled ‘Save Our Souls’, the Victorian-era inspired collection utilised recycled and reused materials, as well as regenerated wool, in its production. Complementary to the line, a statement containing political messaging further emphasised the designer’s approach, referencing government destruction and climate change in a direct manner.

This week, Letters to the Earth is set to release one talk a day on its social media channels leading up to COP26, starting today with a presentation by television presenter Laura Whitmore, with letters also due from author Ben Okri and actor Freya Mevor.

In addition, 30 business leaders have also added their letters to the campaign.

The platform is currently encouraging the general public to take part in submitting their own letters and video messages, with proposals to be presented at events during the conference.

Westwood’s video is to be released October 29.

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