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Voxpop Clothing plans to raise series A funding

By Sujata Sachdeva


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Licensing and merchandising start up, Voxpop Clothing aims to raise 7 million dollars as part of series A funding (Rs 45 crores). Siddharth Taparia, CEO, Voxpop Clothing, a Harvard graduate, had worked with Disney prior to launching Voxpop.

The firm works on getting licenses for IP related merchandise across media and entertainment companies such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, Yashraj Films, HBO and Disney. Voxpop Clothing sells T-shirts mostly through its platform and shares royalty with these companies. The company plans to venture into the music industry by roping in international artists as part of its licensing deals. Besides, budding designers are also allowed to sell their merchandise on the online platform. IPL or Indian Premier League merchandise is another possibility being explored by the company.

Also on the agenda is licensing deals with popular Indian soccer clubs as well as the English Premier League and soccer leagues such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two-year start up currently has gross merchandise value of Rs 25 crores and witnesses around 15,000 monthly transactions and earn around Rs 2 crore in sales a per month.

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