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YSL Beauty launches partnership with Re:wild to restore and safeguard biodiversity

By Rachel Douglass

21 Apr 2022


Image: YSL Beauty x Re:wild

Luxury cosmetics brand YSL Beauty has revealed the launch of a global programme, in partnership with NGO Re:wild, with the goal of protecting and restoring 100,000 hectares of land by 2030.

Rewild Our Earth looks to reflect the label’s commitment to making a positive impact on both the planet and people, launching alongside YSL Beauty’s first-ever sustainability report, which highlights its efforts throughout the business.

“Today, the wild is in decline…”

“At YSL Beauty, we believe in giving, not just taking; restoring, not just consuming; and most of all, empowering the world around us,” said international general manager, Stephan Bezy, in the initiative’s press pack.

Bezy continued: “Today, the wild is in decline; at a time when more than one million species are on the brink of extinction and 75 percent of all Earth’s land areas have been degraded, this long-term project has the potential to help make a measurable impact.

“To put this philosophy into action, we have made a bold commitment to engage in the rewilding revolution. Our ambition, simply put, is to help leave the world wilder by 2030.”

As part of the programme, the two organisations will prioritise the areas affected by climate change where YSL Beauty’s ingredients are typically sourced. For example, in Morocco, where YSL acquires a range of ingredients, such as pomegranate and saffron, the brand hopes to restore 1,000 hectares of land.

Similarly in Haiti, where YSL utilises vetiver sourcing, and Madagascar, the home of vanilla and geranium sourcing, the brand hopes to re-establish primary forests through replanting trees. The same goes for Indonesia, an area linked to patchouli sourcing, in which YSL is working on restoring 30,000 hectares of forest.

Other initiatives by the label, coming as a part of its sustainability report, include the Reducing Our Impact pillar, for which YSL Beauty has said it is committed to prioritising bio-based ingredients, investing in recyclable packaging, phasing out virgin plastics and transitioning its factories to carbon-neutral.

Additionally, the brand is looking to build on its Abuse is not Love programme, dedicated to preventing intimate partner violence through educational partnerships that currently exist in 20 countries.