The 9th edition of In-store Asia was inaugurated by Darshan Mehta, CEO, Reliance Brands, along with Jayant Kochar, MD, Go Fish Retail Consulting and Vasant Jante, MD, Thought Shows & Events. In his inaugural address, Mehta made a detailed presentation on ‘The Tank’, a unique store concept of Reliance Brands.

The Tank, according to Mehta, brings the heritage of the neighourhood, a George Willet 1920s classic architecture building, history of Ballard Pier and the container yard together. The Tank is established and designed with 15 tons of raw steel, 1,000 square foot of railway sleepers, a pile of discarded and over-burnt third class bricks, in a 3,000 square foot store.

As the Conference Director for In-Store Asia 2015, Kochar said that cheap, convenient, multiple choices and easy to compare products are the key advantages for e-tailers. “How you build your store is more important than how many you build. Two decades of modern retail has seen everything from malls, merchandise, marketing to manpower, but a lot of it is just mediocre. Branding can fetch you more, where effective yet cost-friendly communication such as physical installation can make a difference,” he asserted.

In-Store Asia is retail design and solutions event that brings the most outstanding retail business leaders and professionals from India and the overseas on a common platform. In-Store Asia 2015 is being held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai till February 7, 2015.


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