DeBrands debuts at Denim Playground, Dhaka


DeBrands debuts at Denim Playground, Dhaka

by Sujata Sachdeva
13 Nov 2015

During the recent Denim Playground show in Dhaka, organiser launched a first of its kind online show called DeBrands.

The idea behind this concept is to take advantage of the changes happening in the global fashion space owing to the Internet revolution. Elaborating, Sandeep Agarwal, Organiser, Denim Playground says, “Lots of business will be transacted online in the coming years and that’s the reason we need to be prepared for the new trend driven by the Internet and social media. So through, we decided to create a platform specifically for the denim industry, where the denim mills could showcase their collections to the buyers across the world, without actually having to meet in person to do so.”

Initially, the platform would implement the program with some denim fabric companies and later it will extend it to garment producers and others, who are part of the supply chain. The platform will provide several features for exhibitors, suppliers and buyers such as exhibiting products, opportunity to show limited or entire product range, initiate a dialogue and so on.

The fourth edition of our Denimsandjeans show, Denim Playground was based on the theme of athleisure, sighting the trend that consumers across the world are looking for much more comfortable, stretchy and active wear products with a lot of sales from the denim industry shifting to active wear segment. The idea was to focus on the athleisure part of the denim and how the industry players can integrate this trend in their denim offerings.