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Hong Kong to host Indian Couture Experience


Hong Kong to host Indian Couture Experience

By Sujata Sachdeva

15 Mar 2017

ICE (Indian Couture Experience) will be held in Hong Kong on March 18. Indian designers will present their work to a new audience. The aim is to change the clichéd view that Indian designers only create clothes with heavy embroidery and that are gaudy and over-the-top. These participants will appeal to a range of aesthetics, whether it’s minimalist and understated to powerful and glamorous.

Places like Hong Kong are looking to discover new talent and have a big Indian community who are eager to see what their homeland offers. ICE will feature a range of labels, from bridal and ready-to-wear designers to accessories brands – a mix of high-profile names favored by film actresses to rising stars in the fashion world.

While the majority of clothing will be western in silhouette, there are some traditional collections that will also appeal to foreigners and prospective brides. Gujurat-based designers Shyamal and Bhumika are known for heritage textiles and traditional crafts. Izzumi Mehta is known for modern east-meets-west silhouettes, including long, cape-style tops with palazzo pants. Nikhil Thampi is known for his glamorous red-carpet gowns, body-conscious dresses and chic jumpsuits. There will be costume jewelry by Prerto and home accessories by Casa Pop. The event will also include makeovers and styling sessions.