IAM, Gurgaon organises seminar on Indian fashion industry


IAM, Gurgaon organises seminar on Indian fashion industry

by Sujata Sachdeva
7 May 2015
Industry leaders from the fashion and apparel sector came together under one roof at Gurgaon's leading fashion institute, Institute of Apparel Management (IAM) to discuss new innovations, techniques and workforce required to meet the need of this industry in the current digital scenario.

The seminar saw industry veterans like, Virender Uppal, Chairman, AEPC, IAM & ATDC, Darlie Koshy, DG & CEO, IAM & ATDC, Rahul Mehta, VC, IAM, Harish Choudhary, IIT Delhi and A Sakthivel, among other share their views. The primary agenda was to highlight growing influence of ecommerce and mcommerce in mainstream fashion. In tandem with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 'Make-in-India' initiative, the discussions brainstormed about cultivating skills to meet upcoming challenges on the home turf. It included new formats of e-tailing, presentation in virtual & digital world, artificial intelligence and new consumption patterns.

"As IAM is bringing Gen Next programs to encourage conventional designers and fashion students, it has decided to introduce special features so that more migration can take place from physical skilled jobs to new virtual communities. AEPC will support such students’ merit,” said Virender Uppal. IAM is also going to conduct CEO conclave in October focusing on ‘Make in India’.