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January 2024: Salon International de la Lingerie to celebrate 60th anniversary

By Florence Julienne


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Salon international de la lingerie - Chantelle Credits: Eurovet powered by WSN

From Saturday 20 to Monday 22 January 2024, at Porte de Versailles (Hall 3), the Salon International de la Lingerie and Interfilière Paris, now under the umbrella of WSN Développement, are inviting buyers, brands, manufacturers and key players to a programme packed with events.

For this anniversary edition of the international lingerie trade show, ‘Eurovet powered by WSN’ announced nearly 250 brands in lingerie, corsetry, activewear, loungewear, men's footwear, swimwear and wellness. In addition, the ‘Exposed’ section will be showcasing its selection of creative brands that are reinterpreting style codes, combining young talent with established brands.

Interfilière Paris, the international meeting place for materials and accessories for the lingerie, swimwear and sportswear markets, will welcome nearly 170 exhibitors, suppliers of fabrics, lace, embroidery, accessories, textile designers, fibres and manufacturers.

Salon international de la lingerie, Creative Collective Credits: Eurovet powered by WSN

A scenography inspired by colour, a trends forum with iconic pieces and a new Savoir-Faire area

The press release described a new scenography designed to orient, guide and provoke emotion: "With its architectural language, Studio Costa-Molinos (interior architecture, design and art direction) offers a new visitor experience. Chromatic prisms, vibrant geometries and waves of colour punctuate the show, creating a dialogue between the different spaces and worlds.”

The international lingerie show will offer a new approach to trends by presenting an exhibition of iconic and avant-garde pieces. The aim of this forum is to inspire, astonish and project visitors into a sector that is constantly evolving.

For its part, Interfilière Paris is presenting a new ‘Savoir-Faire’ area. Here, designer Pascal Gautrand will turn his eye on materials to celebrate excellence and know-how, the importance of technique and detail, and innovation. This sector is divided into three main themes:

  • Natural Elegance highlights natural materials, the origin of lingerie, loungewear, eco-responsibility and certifications, offering a perspective on sustainable beauty.
  • Weaving Heritage highlights weaving, Lyon's textile heritage, jacquard, skin and the body, revealing how each interlaced thread tells a story of textile art.
  • The Art of Stretch immerses visitors in the world of elasticity, technical textiles, body movements and gestures, revealing how the technology built into each fibre transforms garments into a dynamic second skin.

These three areas of expression will display a selection of samples and finished products, a cultural, artistic and innovative approach (in partnership with the Furinkaï dance company under the direction of Satchie Noro) and informative and educational editorial content.

Salon international de la lingerie, Calamoon Credits: Eurovet powered by WSN

Fashion shows, conferences and an anniversary event will punctuate the January 2024 lingerie trade fair

The international lingerie show, accompanied by ATO Agency, is unveiling the major trends for autumn winter 2024/2025 with three shows a day.

  • At 11:30am, Elevating Beauty highlights refined details and luxurious ornamentation.
  • At 2pm, Rhyming Colours is an ode to vibrant colours and geometric designs.
  • At 4.30pm, The Selection showcases the season's it-products and key pieces (every day except Monday 22 January 20).

The conferences provide an unprecedented insight into product, material, market and social trends. The full programme is still to come. But here's a sneak preview:

  • Saturday 20 January 2024: "60 years of inspirations and revolution in the sector" or "Men's underwear: the current state of an up-and-coming fashion market".
  • Sunday 21 January 2024: "Textile production in 2024: relocation, innovation and partnerships" and "Interfilière trends autumn-winter 2025/2026", by Jos Berry from Concept Paris.

Finally, the trade show is organising a never-before-seen event retracing the finest developments and innovations in lingerie around iconic pieces.

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