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Benetton chooses applicants that are able to work in a multicultural context

By Isabella Naef


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FashionUnited publishes an interview series dedicated to the most requested professionals in the field of fashion, both by the brands and by companies active in fashion and luxury e-commerce. We decided to hear from companies to understand which are the most popular roles and how much can be earned by those who hold these positions.

Recently, FashionUnited interviewed Gianni Moscatelli, the HR and Organizational Director of Benetton Group, one of the most famous fashion companies in the world with a sales network of about 5000 stores. The Group operates under the United Colors of Benetton and Sisley brands.

What are the most sought after profiles currently and what will be the most popular in the coming months?

Currently we are looking for profiles in digital, IT and commercial figures at all levels for the sales network in Italy. We are also looking for some positions of responsibility in various areas on an international scale, directly in the countries or in the corporate, on the governance of global processes.

What do these professionals do?

The most sought after profiles are certainly those in the digital field, meaning people who are able to translate the product's ideas into a digital sales language. The market has completely changed and attracting customers in a virtual showcase is a new profession that has different rational skills compared to other similar roles in the field of physical (analog) stores. I am referring in particular also to omnichannel, a sector in which professionals are needed who integrate more skills into their DNA: from the study of the potential market, to the proposal of an offer on all channels, both digital and analog, to arrive at logistics skills.

What kind of training and what skills are needed? How much can these professional profiles aspire to gain?

The new and digital profile type may also require 3D digital design skills to build augmented reality platforms. 3D and augmented reality are digital phenomena that have been present in our midst for more than 20 years, only they were previously relegated to the world of entertainment. For some years now they have been expanding within the business economy, due to the need for time to market, marginality and communication. These profiles, being new, do not yet have a clear market benchmark so they vary according to years of experience and skills acquired.

Have you encountered difficulties in finding suitable professionals for these jobs?

Among the profiles sought and difficult to find are those in engineering, especially in management and information technology, areas in which demand is much higher than the availability of graduates on the market. In the digital field, it is very complex to find young people who are suitable both for the numerous demands of the market and because, at an academic level, we are a bit at the beginning of the training of these new professions.

What are the right characteristics and aptitudes to work in an environment like yours?

Ours is an Italian company with an international scope and healthy values, where there are good opportunities for growth; it is a company that thinks of people, even in the areas of welfare and work-life balance. We want young people who integrate with our values, with an international mind, prepared to work in a multicultural context. Enthusiastic people who know how to work as a team, positive and happy to dress the Benetton world in color. We want to imagine the future with each of them with our motto: Let your job color your life.

The original version of this interview was published on June 6th, 2019 on FashionUnited Italy. The text has been translated and slightly abbreviated for an international audience.

Photo: Benetton headquarters in Ponzano Veneto; group store, from Benetton press office

Gianni Moscatelli