Design duo Falguni Shane Peacock, have teamed up for a limited edition T-shirt in collaboration with Srujna. Srujna is a non-profit that works to create employment for underprivileged women. All proceeds from the T-shirts are going to the non-profit.

The T-shirt is available in black jersey with the slogan ‘Fearless Strong Powerful’ written in one line across the front and in white jersey with a larger slogan with each word on a different line. Falguni and Shane Peacock are usually known for their heavily embellished and extravagant designs so this simple, slogan T-shirt is somewhat of a departure for them but the spirit of the slogan certainly represents the spirit of their collections.

The designers have their own in-house magazine called Peacock Magazine. The third edition of the magazine features interviews with a variety of women asking them what fearless, strong, positive means to them. They also discuss how they feel empowered as women.

Falguni and Shane Peacock have built a career in fashion by following their own set of rules. The secret to their success is the unique and unusual styling and attention to detail they give to each design to create luxury. What is exciting for the Falguni and Shane Peacock Label is longevity and the continued freshness of a nautical look.


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