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H&M Group provides update on sustainability efforts

By Huw Hughes

3 Apr 2020


H&M Group has published an update on its sustainability efforts, announcing that it has almost reached its goal of using 100 percent recycled or sustainably sourced cotton.

According to the Swedish retail giant’s 2019 Sustainability Performance Report, 97 percent of the group's cotton is now either recycled or “sustainably sourced.” It also said it will no longer source conventional cotton for its 2020 collections onwards.

Of its overall materials used, 57 percent are now recycled or “sourced in a more sustainable way.” The group aims for this number to reach 100 percent by 2030.

In March, the group announced a new B2B initiative called Treadler offering external firms - including competitors - access to its global supply chain to enable other companies “to accelerate sustainable social and environmental change.”

In February, the group announced it was the first retailer to use Circulose in its Conscious Collection, a newly patented material made from discarded textiles.

In the past year the company has also launched or invested in several circular initiatives spanning rental, resale, and repair.

Additionally, 100 percent of its over 600 textile and leather suppliers are now enrolled in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals programme.

“I am proud of all the progress we made in 2019. Looking ahead, not only will our industry continue changing rapidly, but the world as a whole will too. 2020 has started with a challenge we never saw before with the spread of Covid-19 affecting the whole world, companies and societies,” head of sustainability at H&M Group Anna Gedda said in a statement. “I am confident that the long-term vision we always had, and will continue having, on sustainability will play an even more crucial role in facing these challenges.

“It will be more important than ever to continue our journey towards a circular economy and sustainable consumption while creating prosperity through job opportunities. This report is only a summary of the great effort all our colleagues around the world do every day to change the future of fashion.”

Photo credit: H&M, Facebook