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In pictures: gender-neutral bridalwear in a campaign by Eva Janssens

By Nora Veerman

11 May 2021


Although the fashion world has been working on breaking down gender stereotypes for some time, the bridal wear scene remains remarkably quiet in this area. Time for a change, according to Belgian bridal designer Eva Janssens. Together with content creator Gerrit Elen, she developed a campaign that breaks open the standards surrounding bridal fashion.

Gerrit Elen poses in gender-neutral bridal fashion by Eva Janssens

In the campaign, the androgynous Elen wears various creations by Janssens, in layered combinations that can hardly be defined as 'male' or 'female'. As Elen herself states in the press release: “A garment in itself is neither feminine nor masculine. It is what you make of it yourself. ” All this against the backdrop of lavish decor reminiscent of a seventeenth-century still life, complete with Burgundian buffet, lavish flower bouquets and soft carpets. “Love can be exuberant,” says Janssens.

Janssens makes tailor-made bridal fashion. That means that any individual can contact her, she explains in the press release, regardless of gender or body shape. "For me it doesn't matter who enters my store. As long as there is interest in celebrating love, there is an opportunity to put together a wardrobe together."

She asked Elen to participate in a campaign that carries this message. Elen is known for his gender-neutral looks, which he shows on style blog Gerrit and the City. Elen is very enthusiastic about the collaboration with Janssens. “I think it's great that she also wanted to take a look at her bridal couture through this lens."

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.NL, translated and edited to English by Kelly Press.

Beeld: Eva Janssens, fotografie Ellen Claes

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