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Istituto Marangoni London to launch master in ‘responsible fashion’

By Veerle Versteeg


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Made to Order Denim. Image: Avenir

Istituto Marangoni London (IML) has announced that it will introduce a new master programme in ‘responsible fashion’. The programme is part of the school’s new curriculum for the academic year 2023/2024.

With the new programme, IML aims to provide students from fashion design, textiles, business or other relevant academic backgrounds with the necessary knowledge and skills to create new responsible fashion systems that are innovative as per the press release shared by the school.

Students will learn to develop a holistic understanding, vision and skills that will enable the fashion industry to transition to a responsible and regenerative future.

During the master programme in responsible fashion, students will be taught to rethink the future of the fashion industry “in philosophical, theoretical, experimental and practical ways and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face,” the release reads.

Istituto Marangoni London introduces master in ‘responsible fashion’

Through a combination of collaborative and individual projects, they will develop an understanding of ecological design principles, systems thinking, alternative economics, regenerative systems, future sourcing, and indigenous knowledge systems.

In addition, students will learn to create new fashion systems by exploring the local aspect of fashion, the politics of luxury, and values-led communication.

A combination of lectures, seminars, workshops, practical sessions and field trips will be organised at the London campus to deepen students’ knowledge

Valérie Berdah-Levy, school director of Instituto Marangoni London, commented on the new master programme in a statement: “It is with great pleasure and honour that we announce the addition of our new MA responsible fashion programme to the London school.

“We believe it is important to make large strides to integrate sciences into the arts in this new era of Symbiocene, where we aim to shape the minds of students towards a sustainable human-nature alliance,” she continued.

“The intersection of fashion, design and responsibility is very important today and we are excited to help maintain this harmony in the future of the arts.”

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