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Item of the week: the Croc clog

By Rachel Douglass


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(From left) Madewell, Simmi, Madewell. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

What it is:

If you cast your mind back to 2002, you will recall that this was the year in which the now iconic footwear Crocs was born. Since then, the shoe style has only grown in popularity, expanding on a massive scale to become one of the most well-known shoe brands today. What began as a boat shoe is now known for its quirky design and comfortable fit, expanding out of its origins to cater to the fashion-forward crowd. The shoe itself is typically defined by its rounded clog shape appearance, often complete with holes across the top and a strap around the base of the foot. They are made from a foam resin that gives the shoes their lightweight feel.
Adidas. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Why you’ll want it:

As mentioned, the Croc has expanded out of its previous borders as a boat shoe and has moved into other categories, catering to everyone from healthcare professionals to high-end fashionistas. The latter is evidenced in the current influx in fashion brands and musical stars lining up to collaborate with Crocs, putting their own twist on the shoe in an attempt to appeal to trend-setters that are looking for footwear on the more comfortable end of the spectrum. However, with Crocs’ popularity, alternative iterations have also begun to spring out of the woodwork, as other brands have begun pushing out their own takes on the casual clog, for which they have applied their own design values.
Camper. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Where we’ve seen it:

Crocs boasted a notable presence on the runways of SS24, though the style’s visibility wasn’t solely linked to the brand itself. While Simone Rocha was one of the few to actually secure an official collaboration with Crocs, revealing the co-created shoes alongside its clothing collection, others referenced the iconic silhouette in mirroring iterations. Fendi’s clogs, for example, had the appearance of a reptilian-like skin for numerous designs. Meanwhile, Sacai’s style strayed a little further, implementing an exaggerated platform sole for its toeless version. Crocs itself has been riding on its current popularity, however, as seen through its now almost limitless array of collaborations that have been swiftly coming to market, alongside the likes of Levi’s, Balenciaga and Palace, as well as a number of celebrities and influencers.
Levi's. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

How to style it:

The branded Crocs shoe has always been a subtle statement in itself, standing proud as an eye-catching casual footwear that can be accessorised with charms that tie in with the wearer’s personal style. As big fashion houses begin to welcome the already well-established player into the ring, however, it is worth considering elevating the clog to fall in line with the premium market that has taken a shine to it. As seen on the runways, pair your Crocs with tailored trousers and suit blazers to make use of the comfortable shoe as a stark contrasting alternative to typical formalwear. Ankle bracelets or ribbed socks further cater to the look, adding extra texture and colour to the outfit.
CamperLab. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.
While never really having fallen out of favour, Crocs clogs are currently experiencing a high, evidenced in the slew of designer collaborations and high-fashion appearances that the shoe has seen in the past few months. It has led to a growing number of similar looking footwear being thrust onto the market, as customers look for either indoor slip-ons or effortless outdoor attire.
Adidas. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

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