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Item of the week: the university sweater

By Rachel Douglass


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G-Star, Superdry and Adidas. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

What it is:

The trend for preppy attire continued on the AW24 runway, building on its dominant presence that has kept it consistently relevant in recent years. One aspect among the many that defined the trend for this season was the university/college sweater, a staple to the preppy wardrobe that has become synonymous with many designer collections. The sweater is typically defined by the use of a signature bold typeface referencing a specific institution as well as an associated coat of arms. These elements can often be adapted by brands to fit their own aesthetic, combining such designs with their own logos or typefaces to fit with their line.

Carhartt. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Why you’ll want it:

The desire for university sweaters has rarely fluctuated since their descent into fashion, a move that was triggered by the uptick in nostalgia-led trends that began dominating the industry in 2016. This has only been catapulted further forward by the continued elevation in the ‘preppy’ aesthetic, a look that has long been synonymous with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren but has slowly trickled down into other luxury labels that have brought their own spin on the style. As such, there has been a continued place for collegiate styles like the university sweater on runways, keeping them firmly in the limelight each season.

Cecil. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

Where we’ve seen it:

There were a few stoking the flames of university sweaters for the autumn/winter 2024 season, keeping the trend fresh in the minds of buyers. Among them was Wales Bonner, a brand that offered up long-sleeve and vest cut iterations of the look, with a classic typography embroidered over the front. Rhude presented a similar take on the design, its own with a coat of arms that peaked out from under an Oxford style blazer, while Coach’s SS24 version came in a velour material, reminiscent of 90s fashion. LaPointe, meanwhile, stuck to classic colours for its own hoodie iteration, which donned the name ‘New York’ and that of its own brand front and centre.

Burberry. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

How to style it:

In keeping with the preppy appearance of the university sweater, the piece can be paired with similarly preppy joggers and a collegiate jacket to truly encapsulate the look and feel of the trend. Finished off with a pair of sneakers, this is a simple yet stylish way to take on the look. For a more subtle approach, pair the sweater with wide-legged jeans or leather-look pants, balancing out the prep while continuing to stay close to the casual essence desired.

Name It. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

University sweaters have become a distinct and integral part of the preppy trend that has become a staple in fashion over recent years. As such, its relevance remains intact for each season, often seeing the recognisable attire take on new forms under the direction of different house styles.

La Ligne. Credits: FashionUnited Marketplace.

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