Lakmé Fashion Week teams up with Fashion Revolution for 'Fash-up' initiative


Lakmé Fashion Week teams up with Fashion Revolution for 'Fash-up' initiative

by Meenakshi Kumar
4 Feb 2019

Fashion Revolution and Lakmé Fashion Week collaborated at the LFW Summer Resort 2019 to unveil “Fash-up” initiative with three brands presenting their upcycled creations. Known for their commitment to sustainability, Rossebelle from Chennai, Door of Maai from Kolkata and Doodlage from Delhi, were allotted 500 panels of TENCEL™ Micromodal to re-imagine and create collections respective to their creative flair.

Rossebelle launched in 2016, reused leftover stock and over-requested fabrics from companies and designers to create stylish garments. Dubbed “Enduring Nineteenth”, Rossebelle’s TENCEL™ collection employed techniques such as French knots, ruffles, embellished necklines and smocking on the sleeves, lent ample character to the garments that followed colourways dominant of nudes.

Designer Pooja Gupta’s ‘Door of Maai’ (DOM) brand incorporates environment friendly fabrics – GOTS certified, organic cotton or Khadi, throughout each of its collections. For the Tencel™ partnership, DOM created a collection dominant of tonal white-on-white and beige-on-beige lace work over feminine silhouettes.

Kriti Tula’s ‘Doodlage’ label presented a collection inspired by the evolution of the flower girl. The collection was a feminine, light, and relaxed line boasting of silhouettes high on comfort.