French label Derhy has entered into a collaboration with designer Manish Arora. This is a completely artisanal collection with hand-beading and hand-rolled hems, made in Derhy’s small partner ateliers in India. These are collector pieces. They include a voluminous pale green tulle skirt with pop fuchsia bands and a long paisley-print dress with ruffles embellished with lace strips embroidered with hearts.

Derhy is a French women’s wear brand created in 1969 during the hippie wave. The clothing evokes memories of the era with Indian-style tunics, flowered dresses and ethnic-chic patterns.

Manish Arora is known for eccentricity of design and color yet with an eclectic style. He is the only Indian to have exhibited at the Paris Fashion Week. He combines color with his astute craftsmanship in a creative way to exhibit his effervescent style. He uses psychedelic prints on clothing. He is probably the only famous designer who handcrafts his designs. He is pretty popular with western celebrities, with Katy Perry becoming his first famous overseas client. Arora finds inspiration in the ordinary to produce the extraordinary.

He used Indian patterns at the Paris Fashion Week for spring/summer 2013, taking inspiration mainly from the jewelry of Rajasthan, with prints of Rajasthani animals on kurtas.