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MetaTokyo brings Japanese culture to Metaverse Fashion Week with digital collection and exhibition

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: MetaTokyo x Amiaya

As the highly anticipated Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) launches today, from March 24 to 27, brands from all over the world are preparing to take part in the industry’s first large-scale digital fashion event. While many big names, like Tommy Hilfiger and Etro, have revealed to be part of the line up, its international reach and accessibility have allowed MVFW to be open to a wider variety of talents, emerging designers and cultural sectors.

The MetaTokyo project is among those looking to bring its own take on the metaverse, joining MVFW’s line up in collaboration with famed Japanese twin duo Amiaya. Started as a joint venture between Tokyo-based firms Asobisystem Co., ParadeAll Co. and Fracton Ventures, the real estate development in Decentraland was launched last year, with plans to implement Japanese culture into the virtual world and draw inspiration from Harajuku, Tokyo’s famous fashion district.

The group’s own Decentraland ‘district’ is now preparing to open its doors through the platform, following its ultimate mission of connecting the digital landscape with new global entertainment and developing cultural cities in the metaverse.

Talking with FashionUnited, MetaTokyo’s CEO and leader of the MVFW project, Takayuki Suzuki said he hopes the activation will help visitors realise the uniqueness of Tokyo culture.

When asked about the importance of the metaverse to the fashion industry, Suzuki said: “From my point of view, fashion in the metaverse has three beautiful points. It can unlock the designer’s creativity to make clothes, even though people are not able to wear them in real life. It can open the door to wider creators who love fashion but do not have the skill set to make real clothes and it's sustainable - no garbage, no environmental degradation.”

Image: MetaTokyo x Amiaya

Developing cultural cities in the metaverse

For the project, Suzuki said the group envisioned involving Amiaya in its metaverse world and MVFW was the “perfect entry point for them”. Alongside MetaTokyo’s district opening, a virtual pop-up museum at the site will showcase who Amiaya is and the work they have produced. The exhibition will have a particular focus on the sibling’s photo book Amiaya x Street, which was produced in a collaboration between the DJ/model twins and a Japanese photography magazine founded by Shoichi Aoki. The photography featured at the event will be translated into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), set to be available through OpenSea.

In addition to the exhibition, an Amiaya-inspired collection will also be available through the platform, including a version of the duo’s iconic pink bob. Suzuki said on the drop: “Decentraland doesn’t have an item like that, so we started to make the pink bob wearable. We also produced various sunglasses inspired by Amiaya to make their style even more stylish, and produced t-shirts to celebrate the collaboration and MVFW.”

In total, 330 NFT items will be made available through OpenSea, with a set of 10 editions. The collection will be exclusive to MetaTokyo Pass holders, which are essentially considered ‘residents’ of the district and members of the project’s Discord. However, those interested in the launch can also purchase a physical photo book at the venue, as well as artwork by Amiaya.

It seems MetaTokyo’s plans do not stop here either. On the potential of future upcoming projects, Suzuki confirmed there were more metaverse collaborations in the works, with both Amiaya and other fashion brands.

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