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Miami Fashion Week moves to November, looks to prioritise community

By Rachel Douglass


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Miami, Florida. Image: Unsplash

Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW) is set to return this year, albeit at a later date in November as it shifts its attention to becoming a “community-focused” event.

Typically scheduled in May, the South Florida fashion show has announced that it has been working closely with Miami-Dade County since January 2023, in a partnership that looks to prioritise “moving fashion forward” in the State.

To back this mission, MIAFW has created a fashion ‘Think Tank’ that aims to “serve as a global reference for innovation in diversity, sustainability, and technology”.

Ultimately, the event is hoping to establish Miami-Dade as “a fashion hub for manufacturing and communication”, through which it said it would promote diversity and provide “an inclusive space for different creators”.

Among its other focuses will be that of sustainability and secondhand fashion, as well as Web3, an area MIAFW has already cemented a presence in with the launch of its digital hub L’Atelier in metaverse platform Decentraland.

The organisation added: “While runway shows will continue to be a focal point, MIAFW will expand and develop the event in other areas that will highlight the latest trends, advancements, and opportunities in the industry, with a particular focus on technology and sustainability.”

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