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Nitches announces first celebrity influencer for athleisure line

By Rosalie Wessel

21 Oct 2021

Nitches has revealed that it has signed John Lewis AKA ‘The Badass Vegan’ as its first celebrity influencer for its athleisure line.

In collaboration with Lewis, Nitches will launch ten items of clothing, all custom manufactured through the company. The first line is expected to be ready in time for the holiday season.

Lewis, known for his presence as a vegan athlete and influencer, has launched merchandise before. He’s also created his own plant-based protein shake company, VeganSmart, and is producing an upcoming documentary about food and social justice.

“We are happy to be helping The Badass Vegan launch his new branded fashion collection of merchandise and have already begun the process of manufacturing the first order,” said CEO of Nitches, John Morgan. “We are looking forward to continuing to grow his brand and are excited about the future plans for the brand as we continue conversations with other celebrity influencers about launching their brands.”