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Oceedee, Rahul Mishra team up for new collection


Oceedee, Rahul Mishra team up for new collection

By Meenakshi Kumar

7 Mar 2017

Oceedee, an accessible luxury brand has teamed up with Rahul Mishra for Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 collection ‘Infinity: an attempt to decode the boundless creativity of human skills’. The inherent artists in Mishra’s weavers explore their infinite skills to conjure graphic designs and impressions which give birth to the Fall 2017 collection. The collection explores the creative sphere of traditional artisans equipped with centuries old hand techniques to create a modernist yet naiveté composition of nature that was largely seen in the 19th century art movement in Europe as Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Pointillism.

Mishra has perfected the raised thick layering of paint through embroidery. What’s also new this time is stark primary hues alongside somber suiting fabrics. This season, the designer has gone with cool girl cold shoulders, ruffles, dresses worn over shirts and sweatshirts over skirts—all separates labored over for more hours than the average ready to wear garment.

The chase for perfection doesn’t stop at an aesthetic level, Mishra goes beyond what meets the eye to get rid of the weight of such embroidery. He crushes the embroidered surface of his jacket like it were made of jersey. The team worked on a technique and got rid of the entire fabric underneath. He feels clothes should feel like they can be worn and not just stared at.

Mishra uses a restraining hand, allowing fabric and cut to play their own part in the garment. Another important aspect is to communicate emotion. Like a Van Gogh, which, despite the sunlight and the flowers, has an undertone of sadness, the designer aims to delineate the beauty of such contrasts in his work. Rahul Mishra is known for his contribution to Indian handlooms and craftwork. He integrates the rich heritage of Indian craft with the constantly varying pulse of global fashion.