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Pacsun partners with digital influencer, Miquela

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pacsun x Miquela

Fashion retailer Pacsun has announced a new partnership with virtual influencer Miquela as it looks to continue building on its connection with Gen Z through the digital world.

The duo will be collaborating on social content for the brand’s back-to-school and 2022 holiday campaigns.

“Miquela has become a digital muse for Pacsun and we’re thrilled to be working with a great example of a strong female advocate and inspiration,” said Brieane Olson, Pacsun’s president in a release.

Olson continued: “She aligns with our core brand values and vision, speaking out on important social issues like BLM and Rally The Vote, as well as achieving inroads into metaverse fashion and culture.”

Miquela shot to fame in 2016, when the “19-year-old” robot went viral on Instagram.

Since then, the influencer has been named Time Magazine’s “most influential person on the internet”, garnered millions of social media followers and has had a likely influence on fashion brands to also adopt computer-generated influencers.

Pacsun added that this partnership has marked the beginning of a new marketing strategy for the retailer, which said it will be leaning more into the virtual influencer and metaverse space throughout the year’s fourth quarter.

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