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Pacsun unveils gender-neutral collections with Fashion Scholarship Fund

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pacsun x Allegra Abrams

Youth-centred fashion retailer Pacsun has revealed two collections from the winners of its Gender-Neutral Design Competition, established in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF).

Announced last year, winners Oli Carrillo and Allegra Abrams were selected to work with the retailer’s product and development teams to manufacture and develop their chosen collections.

Now released, the co-branded lines will be available to purchase for three months at Pacsun retail locations throughout the US.

Carrillo’s looks draw inspiration from Southern California skate culture, punk rock and graffiti, while Abrams focused on the importance of spreading positivity with notes towards 70s fashion.

Image: Pacsun x Oli Carrillo

“Our partnership with FSF has really allowed us to have a hand in fostering the next generation of design talent,” said Brie Olson, president of Pacsun. “It has been tremendously rewarding watching these young people bring their creations to life.”

It is the latest move by the retailer to push Gen Z voices to the forefront of its brand messaging, with many past initiatives by Pacsun dedicated to centring the values of its most prominent shoppers.

It has previously launched genderless collections to appeal to this open-minded target group, as well as hosting collaborations with popular artists and pushing developments within the digital space.

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