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Rebag launches luxury appraisal tool Clair to evolve resale market

By Robyn Turk


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Luxury second-hand handbag retailer Rebag has launched new technology it hopes will revolutionize the resale industry. Called Clair, the powerful proprietary software is a universal luxury appraisal index designed to instantly determine a handbag's current resale value.

Since its founding in 2014, Rebag has been rapidly growing to position itself as the ultimate destination for buying and selling luxury handbags. The company opened its ninth brick-and-mortar store this month.

With its new Clair technology that has been in development for five years, the company can generate its sellers highly accurate offers instantaneously. The first of its kind, the technology determines the current market value of a handbag across a list of 10,000 items from over 50 brands.

Clair is available to all consumers on Rebag's website and mobile app. Users simply need to enter their item's brand, model, style, size, color and condition to learn the resale value. Rebag will offer consumers Clair's quoted price to acquire the handbag, yet using the technology does not lock people in to selling through Rebag.

Rebag uses technology to make the luxury resale market more transparent

With the creation of Clair, Rebag hopes to bring transparency to a market in which pricing has been mysterious or unclear in the past. The company built its software for all consumers, even those who sell their second-hand luxury goods through competitors.

Rebag simply wants to empower consumers to consider luxury resale through making information more easily accessible. Through the help of Clair, consumers are equipped to make educated buying and selling decisions.

"Being able to determine the resale value upfront will put a customer's mind at ease when they're about to invest in a luxury handbag," Rebag founder and CEO Charles Gorra told FashionUnited. "Clair helps determine which styles they should spend their money on and what the best decision would be based off each bag’s potential resale value."

He continued, "With more and more people seeking out transparency and thinking of their luxury purchases as an investment, we want consumers to feel empowered to shop more wisely and make smart decisions. Pricing in the luxury industry is very opaque and mysterious. Clair lifts the curtain currently on the market and know the value of their purchase upfront. It also eliminates the friction and hesitation consumers feel when it comes to resale due to the sheer convenience."

Images courtesy Rebag

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