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Social media and branding: What it's like to be a male model

By Aileen Yu


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The names of male models may not roll off the tip of our tongues, but the faces of Dolce and Gabbana’s David Gandy and Sean O’Pry-the male lead in Taylor Swift’s music video “Blank Space”-are just as familiar as their female counterparts. Here comes the next generation of male models that are social media savvy and aware that the modeling industry can be a springboard onto their next career.

FashionUnited recently interviewed by phone the up-and-coming male model, Luca Przekoracki, who is signed to One Time Management, has shot with photographer Christian Walzl for LA’s Bello Magazine and recently walked Neo.Fashion’s graduate show at Berlin Fashion Week AW20/21.

What is a day is like as a male fashion model?

Castings and go-sees:

These days, the castings are usually done digitally, meaning you send over an introduction video that includes how you walk as well you as your model comp card or portfolio. For Berlin Fashion Week, I was able to go there personally for castings. In a span of 6 days, I went on 3 to 6 go-sees per day visiting bookers, casting agents and designers. I ended up walking the Neo.Fashion show and modeled looks by graduate designers.

Fashion week:

When you get booked for a show, you will arrive on set in time for rehearsal. Depending on the show’s schedule, you may have a lot of downtime waiting backstage until the actual catwalk. Usually, there is food and drink provided for the staff and models. I like to use this time to meet other peers in the industry and get to know everyone behind the scenes. Networking backstage can lead to more potential projects and is where everything happens. Also, after the fashion show, sometimes models will be invited to afterparties which is also a great opportunity to meet professional contacts.

Editorial shoots:

Right now I’m doing shoots to build my portfolio so there is a bit more freedom than large budget campaigns. My agency will send me the location and photographer I’ll work with. Before that, I usually research a bit about the photographer on their website and social media to find out what kind of lighting or angles they shoot in. Then, I’ll try messaging the photographer to communicate any ideas. If they’re open to it, I’ll work on a mood board and sometimes even style my own outfits to match the location or theme.

How important do you think social media is these days for new models?

The way I approach social media is to use it in an intelligent and efficient way like searching for jobs or as a platform to research photographers and brands I’ll be working with. I also love using social platforms to connect with people from all over the world.

Do you try to brand yourself as a model with your social media account. If so, how?

Yes, it is important to convey a strong message through one’s social media account, especially as a model today. Besides the fact that is how I was discovered, I try to show useful skills such as horseback riding and other sports since it could come into play during a job. Mostly, I want my audience to remember me as an authentic and real model who is living his best life, unapologetically!

I want my audience to remember me as an authentic and real model who is living his best life, unapologetically!

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As an up-and-coming model, what is your view on nepotism in the modeling industry today?

The world is an unfair place and having grown up in Italy, I’m very much used to people getting jobs because of who their family is. The lesson that I take away from this is to strive to be better, stay motivated and continuously work on oneself. Keep that hunger and be two times better than everyone else. Then when you book that job, you’ll know you’ve earned it.

Have you felt any challenges or prejudice when compared to your female peers-as in salary or treatment on jobs?

Being able to be on stage, that is my passion. I didn’t choose this profession for the money, but more for the doors that it opens. Male modeling can be a springboard into other performing industries, such as acting as it was for Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher.

When and how did you become a model?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always been drawn to theater and being in front of the camera. Two years ago, a photographer friend asked me if I wanted to be in a photoshoot he was working on for a boutique label. We did the shoot, he posted the photos on Instagram and I re-posted it to my account. Shortly after, I was contacted by one of the biggest Swiss male modeling agencies, One Time Management, and they immediately invited me for an appointment.

How does it work, did you sign with the agency right away?

When a modeling agency becomes interested in you, they will ask for an in-person interview. Then, they may take photos of you that are very natural (without makeup, styled hair) to see how photogenic you are and take down your personal details such as your height, weight and other relevant skills. In my case, the owner of One Time Management wanted to sign me right away, but that doesn’t always happen.

Who are your favorite models and why?

When I started modeling, I found the male model and YouTuber Mario Adrion. From his channel, I learned how to find your best angles and transforming your body with the right diet and workouts. Today, I’m a big fan of Augusta Alexander, fitness, fashion and underwear model who has a black belt in Judo. His personality shines through his Instagram and I get a lot of inspiration from it for my own content.

Where do you see yourself in the future as a male model?

In the coming time, I’d like to book shows at London and Milan Fashion Week, to have that in my portfolio. Meanwhile, I’d like to focus more on athletic campaigns maybe for sportswear brands like Adidas, Puma. Also, I hope to try to hone my acting skills and one day land a commercial campaign for a luxury label such as Gucci.

Ultimately, my goal is to venture into acting and I’m planning to start that as soon as I can by attending the New York Film Academy. Maybe one day, instead of the catwalk, you’ll see me on screen in a Hollywood film!

Photos: courtesy of Luca Przekoracki, credited to Christian Walzl, courtesy of One Time Management

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