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The Fashion Awards 2018 to celebrate 100 up-and-coming young talents

By Huw Hughes

16 Oct 2018

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced that for the first time The Fashion Awards 2018 will offer a new element to the awards - called ‘New Wave: Creatives’ - that will celebrate young creative talent by recognising 100 of the most innovative and inspiring names from around the world.

A list of 100 of the biggest up-and-coming talents - from hair and makeup artists and set designers to creative directors and models - has been created by 2,000 members of the Fashion Awards Voting Panel.

On Monday, at an event at The Middle House Shanghai, BFC CEO Caroline Rush unveiled the first twenty names of the 100, with more to follow in London and New York in the coming weeks.

Rush said in a statement: “The Fashion Awards in partnership with Swarovski is a celebration of an incredibly diverse industry; through the event we aim to shine a light not only on designers but also on all of those who contribute to the creativity and innovation of our industry.

“We are delighted to be launching New Wave: Creatives this year, to highlight and celebrate creatives from all around the world, to inspire new collaborations and to encourage an even younger generation to consider the many creative roles that make up the fashion industry and follow in their footsteps.”

New Wave: Creatives will be celebrated at the Fashion Awards 2018 on 10 December at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as during a number of satellite events leading up to the event in London, Shanghai and New York.