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Truewerk honours carpenter Larry Haun with limited edition vest

By Rosalie Wessel


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Image: Truewerk

Workwear brand Truwerk has released a limited edition vest, in honour of famous carpenter, Larry Haun.

The brand will also donate 20 percent of the Haun vest sales to Fine Homebuilding’s KeepCraftAlive Scholarship Fund with SkillsUSA.

SkillsUSA seeks to empower the next generation, inspiring them to follow construction related careers through college and post-secondary education. Truewerk and Fine Homebuilding aim to support trade scholarships through the sale of the Haun Vest.

“In the same way that Truewerk seeks to elevate the skilled trades, the KeepCraftAlive scholarship encourages the next generation of tradespeople to experience the satisfaction and community impact you can have when making a living with your hands. “

Haun, who Truewerk describes as a “carpenter’s carpenter” wrote several books on carpentry and kept a blog called A Carpenter’s View, before his death in 2011.

Truewerk wishes to keep to Haun’s belief that “working in cold weather requires core warmth and maximum arm movement” by creating a heavily insulted vest that is optimal for arm movement.

“There’s an artistry that comes with mastering a trade,” said Brian Ciciora, founder and president of Truewerk. “Lary Haun is the embodiment of this creative spirit and dedicated his life to teaching and humanitarianism. Through this partnership and creation of the Haun Vest, we have the opportunity to continue his legacy of empowering the skilled trades community.”

The vest incorporates heavy duty shoulder patches for carrying lumber. The insulation of the S4 Tower Parka and the stretchable fabric of the T2 Werkpant have also been used, combining “comfort, mobility and protection.”