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Which pieces will continue to be trendy in 2023?

By Julia Garel


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Schiaparelli SS23/Mango x Camille Charrière

Among the most in-demand pieces of 2023, some are already in the shops. FashionUnited has compiled a list made by specialist search platform Stylight for retailers and e-tailers in need of inspiration, for restocking or bringing your windows up to date.

The beret

From left to right: Emporio Armani SS23 Womenswear (Image: Emporio Armani) / Moschino, Fall 23 (Photo: Marcus Mam)

Popularised by actress Lily Collins in the series Emily in Paris – season three of which will be released on the Netflix platform on 21 December – the beret will continue to appeal in 2023. The luxury brand Emporio Armani put the hat style on all of its models in its spring/summer 2023 collection, as did the Kenzo label. It comes as a genderless accessory that covered the heads of both male and female models.

The transparent dress

Camille Charrière x Mango

Also known as the naked dress, the transparent dress is made of a very thin tulle-like, or sheer, material that is often sported by celebrities on the red carpet. For her collaboration with fast fashion brand Mango, influencer Camille Charriere offered up glittery versions adapted for the end-of-year celebrations. The Y2k-inspired style can also meet the trend ’new sexy’, which reveals the body in a sensual way.

Green hues

Ami Paris, SS23

Demand for green pieces has risen by 1,722 percent on the Stylight search platform in recent months. This increase makes the chlorophyll shade a sure bet for 2023. The organisation is particularly backing emerald green and green cargo trousers.

The long denim skirt

Image from left to right: Altuzarra CatwalkPictures, Burberry CatwalkPictures, Ganni.

The long denim skirt is a trendy piece in the denim sector. Together with low-rise jeans, the style made a comeback in 2022 and will still be at the forefront in 2023 according to the Stylight platform. It was particularly spotted in the collections of Awake mode, Altuzarra, or Burberry.

Bold jewellery and ‘bling bling’

Image from left to right: Schiaparelli, collection SS23 PAP (Image: Schiaparelli) / Givenchy, autumn 2023 (Image: Givenchy)

In 2023, jewellery will be flashy. From cuffs to XXL necklaces, the pieces will take on a "bling bling" accent. The influence of the extravagant jewellery from the luxury house Schiaparelli can also be seen.

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.FR. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.