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Aesop chief customer officer awarded Lifetime Achievement award

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: World Retail Congress

The World Retail Congress presented Suzanne Santos, chief customer officer at Aesop, with the Isidoro Álvarez Lifetime Achievement Award for the brand’s outstanding contribution to retailing.

The award recognises individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to retailing, and Santos was honoured for being “instrumental in the founding and growth” of Aesop, explained the World Retail Congress.

Santos was Aesop co-founder Dennis Paphitis’s first employee and since the company's inception, has progressed the brand's renowned customer experience.

Alongside Paphitis, Santos has overseen Aesop's introduction into new markets and the development of valued customer relationships, with the company earning a reputation for quality-driven product development and customer service. The B-Corp Australian skincare brand was established in 1987 and has expanded to 27 markets around the globe and has 247 stores.

Ian McGarrigle, chairman of the World Retail Congress, said in a statement: “As we emerge from the pandemic, consumers can once again choose between the in-store buying experience or online alternatives. This will challenge retailers to sustain and grow customer relationships across both revenue streams.

“Those companies that deliver compelling client service alongside a refined brand and product range will be well placed to navigate the changing retail landscape in the year ahead. Aesop undoubtedly delivers on both accounts, with Suzanne’s stewardship promoting client-driven development pipelines alongside quality service and consumer experience”.

Suzanne Santos
World Retail Congress