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Peter Do appointed creative director Helmut Lang

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: courtesy of Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang, the iconic fashion brand known for its revolutionary designs, has announced the appointment of Peter Do as its creative director. The brand has undergone several transformations and changes in ownership since its founder's departure in 2005.

During its prime, Helmut Lang challenged gender norms, rejected excessive ornamentation, and embraced a multidisciplinary approach to fashion. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Lang, the brand redefined elegance and modernity, blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear. It also anticipated the rise of streetwear, drawing inspiration from utilitarian clothing and subcultures in a contemporary and relevant manner.

After a brief stint under the ownership of the Prada company, Helmut Lang was acquired by the Theory Group, which now falls under the umbrella of Uniqlo's Fast Retailing. While the brand has strived to uphold its founder's principles, subsequent design teams have struggled to match and build upon Mr. Lang's original vision.

Enter Peter Do, whose appointment brings a potential injection of avant-garde creativity and commercial viability that the brand sorely needs. Do's collections are characterised by their clean lines, precise tailoring, and emphasis on construction—an aesthetic alignment that gels well with Helmut Lang's minimalist heritage.

With his background at Celine under the guidance of Phoebe Philo, Do possesses a skill set that can strike a balance between honouring Helmut Lang's legacy and infusing the brand with a fresh spirit, perhaps for the next generation of fashion connoisseurs.

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