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R.M.Williams names first-ever female ambassador

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

23 Mar 2020

Footwear brand R.M.Williams has named Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin as its newest brand ambassador, marking the first time ever a female has been given the official title in the brand's 88-year history.

In a statement, R.M.Williams said the move was a "celebration of the strength of the key female personalities at the heart of R.M.Williams, both past and present” and that Tonkin would join the brand’s first global ambassador actor Hugh Jackman, who joined the company’s ‘Undeniable Character’ campaign in 2019.

Tonkin was chosen for her representation of a “new generation of Australian spirit and the very traits that define the brand's DNA - strength, tenacity, exploration and humility,” added the brand, and will make her debut for the footwear brand in April with a digital, social and PR campaign.

Commenting on becoming an ambassador, Tonkin said: “R.M.Williams is a brand I’ve grown up with and embodies all that I love about being Australian – from the commitment to preserving and championing our land to the culture of friendship we are lucky to have. While I’ve been coined as the first female ambassador, the truth is that there are hundreds of hardworking females and Undeniable Characters who have fed into the rich history of the brand.

“R.M.Williams' commitment to exposing and fostering both new and past Undeniable Characters was something that was immediately appealing. My craft values storytelling above all else, so I was hugely flattered to be part of that.”

R.M.Williams chief marketing officer Mat Hayward added: “Undeniable Character goes to the heart of the R.M.Williams brand – the grit, the hard work and the tenacity that went into creating the best boots in the world.

“Whilst we started as a unisex brand focused on classics with function and style, women’s has grown into a key category. 50 percent of our traffic is female, so it Is important we have a female lead who resonates directly with this customer. For us, Phoebe is the perfect embodiment of Undeniable Character and what it means as a brand, and we’re thrilled to welcome her into the R.M.Williams family.”

Images: courtesy of R.M.Williams