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Bonobos launches Bonobos Fielder

By FashionUnited


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Image: Bonobos

Bonobos has launched Bonobos Fielder, a brand extension of “streetleisure” styles offered at an accessible price point marketed toward Gen Z. Bonobos Fielder fuses the current trend of athleisure and gorpcore by infusing them with streetwear influences, creating what Bonobos now defines as "streetleisure" category on the map.

"Bonobos at its core is about celebrating self-expression and fueling it with confidence," said David Sasson, chief operating officer at Bonobos, in a statement. "Through Bonobos Fielder, we're sharing these core values with the next generation, while also catering to its style and price preferences."

The pieces are made with quality materials that are highly functional - from packable jackets, to stretch convertible cargo pants at a price point starting at 14 dollars. Bonobos Fielder will also regularly collaborate with new and established artists on collection designs, to continuously excite and inspire its younger consumers. The spring and summer 2022 lines of Bonobos Fielder feature artwork by Mike Perry.

"Bonobos Fielder helps create a level playing field for those seeking stylish, practical pieces made with quality fabrics and details at accessible price points," added Sasson in a statement. The brand extension will be available at Bonobos.com/Fielder, and will also be sold on Walmart.com/Bonobos Fielder and at select 250 Walmart stores.

"Bonobos Fielder provides us with an entirely new style aesthetic to reach young adult consumers," said Denise Incandela, executive vice president of apparel division and private Brands at Walmart US, in a statement. "We are confident that the brand's innovative, quality streetleisure styles will enable us to take more of our customer's closet share, as well as appeal to a new type of fashion consumer."