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Cantabil moves away from being a ‘discount’ brand


Cantabil moves away from being a ‘discount’ brand

By Shubhangi Bidwe

12 Sep 2019

Fashion apparel brand Cantabil is moving away from discounts. The brand wants to change the perception that it is a deep discounting brand and will offer normal discounts the same way any other brand offers. Cantabil is known for offering discounts up to 80 per cent. Now it gives a maximum discount of up to 60 per cent during the end of season sale. During regular days, the maximum discount goes up to 20 per cent.

Cantabil, at present, has 265 stores in 16 states. Around 80 per cent of these are company-owned outlets and 20 per cent are owned by franchisee partners. The next phase of expansion can see the percentage of franchisee stores going up to 30 per cent. The brand plans to open another 75 stores this year, primarily in Tier III markets. In fact going forward the company is only targeting Tier III cities as business viability in these locations is very good, competition is negligible in smaller towns, rentals are lower and business is good and profitability is high. So the major expansion will be carried out in Haryana, Punjab, UP, Rajasthan and MP. But Cantabil does have stores in bigger markets including Delhi-NCR and other Tier I cities.