Doodlage's continues sustainable initiatives with sari repurposing


Doodlage's continues sustainable initiatives with sari repurposing

by Shubhangi Bidwe
14 Nov 2019

Sustainable fashion brand Doolage has launched a new initiative for customers to send in photos of their old saris to be transformed into fresh designs as a part of its efforts to reduce waste in the Indian fashion industry.

The aim of the project is to reduce textile waste, one of the largest environmental pollutants, especially in India. Doodlage has consistently worked with up-cycling garments and using textile offcuts to create its garments and has a dedicated section on its e-commerce store for accessories made solely from textile scraps, recycled paper, and up-cycled items.

Doodlage recently worked with the Austrian business Lenzing AG to create garments from its sustainable Lyocell textile Tencel. The collection has a limited number of pieces and will retail until it sells out to prevent waste, Doodlage posted on its Facebook page. Doodlage was founded by Kriti Tula and Paras Arora in 2012. The brand recently held a series of pop-up shops in New Delhi to showcase its latest collection ‘In All Her Moods’.