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E-tailer Yepme opens its first brick-and-mortar store

By Sujata Sachdeva


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Online fashion brand Yepme launched its first brick-and-mortar store at DT City Centre Mall, Gurgaon. The purpose behind launching a physical store is to develop a connection between the brand and its customers. It makes it possible for customers to see and feel the products before buying them. Also, there is no price difference between offine and online products.

This initiative will help Yepme to increase its credibility as a fresh fashion brand and also help it to differentiate its offerings from other online brands. The brand also has an advantage in the sense that if customers are not satisfied with the range in the store, they can check online for more options.

Yepme was launched in 2011 by Vivek Gaur, Sandeep Sharma and Anand Jadhav. The company services more than 1,000 cities as opposed to other brands which manage only 75. It delivers close to 500,000 units to its customers every month. Its target customer is the tech-savvy and fashion conscious youngster in the age group 20-29 years. It has a fan following of 6.7 million followers on Facebook and has been rated as one of the 5 top start-ups to watch out for by Forbes magazine. Yepme also received the ‘Web-only Brand of the Year’ in 2014 by eTailing India. Yepme has built its business around fresh fashion model which is on the lines of leading global brands. This model helps it to keep its stock online fresh and new which is showcased daily. The same will be applicable in the physical store.

As Vivek Gaur, CEO and Co-founder, Yepme points out that with the brick-and-mortar store customers can now ‘try their best fit to make an intelligent purchase online at the store’.