Foreign brands set their eyes on India’s lingerie market


Foreign brands set their eyes on India’s lingerie market

by Sujata Sachdeva
19 Nov 2014

Iconic American brands such as Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur of the UK have set their eyes on Indian lingerie market. Meanwhile Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal has already made a proposal to the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) to partner a domestic company to open single brand stores in the country. With a rising number of women demanding branded innerwear and logging onto online platforms to buy their favourite piece of lingerie, even domestic players like Delhi-based Groversons, which has been selling women's innerwear in the country for 60 years, plans to go public within a couple of years to carry out its planned expansion.

As per a Technopak estimate the innerwear market in India is around Rs 17,750 crores and expected to grow three times in 10 years. Women's wear accounts for 61 percent of the total innerwear market. Several web-platforms too are taking advantage of the rising interest of women in branded innerwear.

Most websites selling lingerie offer exclusive services like size charts, filters and customization of shopping preferences, wide colour, styles, price and brand choice as well as easy online payment gateways and delivery system making online lingerie shopping an enjoyable affair. To cater to rising number of shoppers, many entrepreneurs are jumping in to make lingerie shopping convenient for both men and women.