IMG Reliance and the Clothing Manufacturers Association Of India have together launched a project to develop a sustainable sourcing policy for consistent prioritising and utilising certified raw materials that have a positive impact on the environment. The initiative called Su.Re is the first and the largest such initiative by the Indian fashion industry. Brands like Spykar, Westside, Trends, Shoppers Stop, fbb, House of Anita Dogre and Lifestyle and Max have joined the movement.

A vast majority of Indians think sustainable manufacturing processes are important when buying fashion products. Many are likely to purchase more sustainable products if brands highlight the benefits and impact of buying sustainable fashion products in their communication and if they give reward points for buying sustainable fashion products. More than a fifth would do so if sustainable fashion becomes a new trend after being endorsed by celebrities or influencers. Although millennials vouch for sustainable fashion and social change, the eco-friendly factor of a fashion product are often dominated by factors such as price and value. Even though the generation favors sustainable apparel and accessories, the industry is not providing them with sufficient choices that also meet their most important criteria for making a purchase.


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