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India to be Amazon’s top market


India to be Amazon’s top market

By Shubhangi Bidwe

4 Sep 2019

India will be one of the major markets to drive Amazon’s sales. India may probably contribute 13 per cent of Amazon’s international sales and four per cent of total sales in the next four years. Among Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Australia, India would have the highest contribution to Amazon’s online sales. The e-tailer has already invested over 6 billion dollars in India since entering the market in 2013. Despite regulatory changes, Amazon has remained bullish on India and has also been busy making investments in the offline retail space.

India’s e-commerce sales are expected to be the second fastest growing among the top 10 APAC countries, at a 26 per cent three-year annual growth, thanks in part to its low e-commerce penetration, five per cent, which compares to 24 per cent in China and nine per cent in Japan. Overall, this growth is expected to be driven by the rising rate of smart phone adoption, rapidly growing middle class, influence of its young population and the growing penetration of e-commerce players. Among other international markets, e-commerce penetrations are at 14 per cent in the US, 17 per cent in the UK, 11 per cent in Germany, and nine per cent in Canada and Japan.