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Islamic Design House opens store in Hyderabad


Islamic Design House opens store in Hyderabad

By Shubhangi Bidwe

7 Feb 2020

Islamic Design House has opened its second store in India and this time in Hyderabad. The store retails modest wear, accessories, and lifestyle goods. Islamic Design House reinterprets current trends to fit with hijabi dress and its latest collection features athleisure reinterpreted as modest wear as well as a range of bright, printed kurtas and kaftans.

The brand, based in the UK, is for women. Launched in 2005, it specialises in casual jilbaabs and abayas as well as a range of modest wear designs ranging from kimonos to denim dresses. The brand retails from its dedicated e-commerce store and also currently has 13 international stores and is distributed in 63 countries.

Change is happening. People are looking at modest fashion as stylish. Big brands like Nike are adding hijabi collections. Though modest fashion is more prominent in the Islamic market, the Islamic market and media are the least supportive of up-and-coming Muslim designers. Instead such designers are doing well in the US, Canada and the UK. In the US market, they receive a lot of support from retail buyers and media outside of the modest-fashion industry, as they see the versatility in their designs to extend beyond modest fashion and into the mainstream.