Levi Strauss spreading retail in small Indian towns


Levi Strauss spreading retail in small Indian towns

by Shubhangi Bidwe
29 Oct 2019

Levi Strauss is expanding its retail presence in small towns of India. This has been prompted by the realization that consumer behavior, consumption and aspirations in Tier II, III and IV markets are similar to those in Tier I and the top 20 cities. What attracts the brand to small towns is the large number of millennials.

Apart from this, the company is strengthening its base in metros and Tier I cities by building larger stores. Levi's premium assortments and collaborations would cater to metro markets. Besides, the company is registering a good growth in the women's segment and expects this trend to continue. For Levi’s India is definitely among the top ten markets globally and from the volume point of view is among the top five markets.

The premium denim brand, which has been present in the country for 25 years, has a network of over 450 retail stores and most of them are operated by its franchise partners. With a mixed omni channel retail presence the company is witnessing two to three times higher growth rate from online sales channels, which from a low base are attracting a new set of customers. Levi's assortment takes care of all kind of consumers, entry, mid and premium levels.