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Net-savvy customers are driving growth of small clothing start-ups

By Sujata Sachdeva


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With limited yet exclusive inventories start-ups are quickly making profits spreading the word through social media platforms. Today’s net-savvy generation, supported by fast speed internet data plans such as 3G and 4G are easily shopping online from their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Online store Cilory that offers clothing from leading brands for both men and women across all ages is run by a team of young professionals lead by IITians. Its Facebook page has over 454,000 followers. *Yellow Fashion is another such e-marketplace* that stocks a range of saris and ethnic clothing has a team of in-house fashion designers. Saris range from Bhagalpuri silk, Upada silk, chiffons, georgettes and brasso to a mix and match of ready to wear saris. The Yellow Fashion Facebook page has more than 117,000 likes.

iTokri, handicrafts e-marketplace has 78,000 fans on Facebook and offers a wide range of community and artisan sourced products. Handmade products such as clothing, home decor, gifts and accessories are sourced from artisans across the country. And Gaatha, with 32,000 likes is Ahmedabad-based store that sources crafts from different artisans working with materials like bamboo, fibre, leather, grass, wax and even urban waste.

No Nasties claims to be a sustainability-oriented clothing and uses organically grown cotton fabric for its casuals. It is also certified by Fairtrade India and the Global Organic Textile Standard. The store's Facebook page has so far garnered over 19,000 likes. Bliss Covered is another such online marketplace that stocks hand-crafted and semi-precious designer jewellery and enjoys following of over 7,400 on the Facebook page.

After realising that fashion is the highest selling category online, many entrepreneurs are starting their own web stores selling everything from clothing, accessories to footwear. Experts point out that social media is playing a crucial role in creating a buzz around these small players, who in turn are getting much needed push to grow their businesses.

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