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Nobis opens first stores in China

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Nobis store in China Credits: Nobis

Luxury Canadian outerwear brand Nobis is expanding its global footprint with its first stores in China through its joint venture with Ellassay, a dominant player in China's luxury fashion sector.

Nobis’ first retail locations are in Beijing’s SKP and Galeries Lafayette and Shanghai’s Réel Mall, and each one houses the brand’s core and new collections.

Robin Yates, vice president and co-founder of Nobis, said in a statement: "Nobis is ranked a top 3 luxury outerwear brand in South Korea by sales volume, with 30 locations in top department stores, and we're eager to start that journey in China with our new partners at Ellassay."

Nobis announced its partnership with Ellassay in June as part of its global expansion plans and to help drive its brand development and operations within China, including Hong Kong and Macau. Ellassay is part of the multi-brand fashion group ShenZhen Ellassay Fashion Co., Ltd, which owns French designer brand Iro Paris and American label Ed Hardy.

Kevin Au-Yeung, president and co-founder of Nobis, added: "As an innovative product-first company, customers will experience the quality of Nobis icons styles like Aura and Yves firsthand, as well as fashion-forward additions like Dyna, Aspen and Isla.

"We welcome the consumer to visit our stores and learn how we design with purpose in mind, our mid-layers, performance outerwear, and technical accessories all working together to build a technical apparel wardrobe for today's climates."

Shenzhen Ellassay Fashion